Welcome to the site for Susan K. Wehrley’s new book,Ignite The Plan_Front Cover_FINAL (2)

Ignite “The Plan”

Find out how you can buy Ignite “The Plan” for $19.95, plus tax and shipping.   Go directly to www.Amazon.com
and search: Ignite “The Plan”: To Live your American Dream (isbn: # 978-0-9729505-3-4) or click on the book to the right
 and it will take you directly to Susan’s book selling page on Amazon.com

OR, click this easy to use link below to buy the book on Amazon.com :

 Here’s what’s been said about the book:
“Susan shows us how to take the E.G.O. out of work, and our lives, so we can create a more entrepreneurial culture that ignites enthusiasm and drives results!”
-John E. Schlifske, chairman and CEO of Northwestern Mutual

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