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Ignite The Plan_BackCover-JPsmIgnite “The Plan”:  To Live your American Dream!

What the book is about:

Susan K. Wehrley’s fifth book, Ignite “The Plan” is an incredibly powerful true story about her journey with George Dalton, former CEO of the Fortune 500 company that brought us online banking.

Throughout their journey for survival—he for 7 months in the ICU, she for the life of her newly born business—each came to realize the American Dream was not about the accumulation of wealth or even working a plan for a particular outcome. It was about learning how to receive and Ignite “The Plan” so each could claim his or her life, live free of fear, and choose to be happy regardless of the circumstances. Susan’s techniques and heartfelt story provide a step-by-step map to navigate your way out of lack, frustration, disappointment, and stress so you can more efficiently achieve any goal. By following “The Plan,” which empowers us to shift from fear to a life of freedom and happiness, we can go about our life and work with less stress. By letting go of our E.G.O.–Edging God Out—and connecting to our Spirit before executing, we can each develop the Entrepreneurial Spirit within that allows us to move forward in a more empowered way, regardless of our circumstances. These are skills needed whether you are a business leader, employee, entrepreneur, student, or homemaker.

Ignite “The Plan” will teach you how to soar high and be wise, by helping you give up the notion that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is based on a source of security outside of yourself such as real estate, the market, a well-paying job, health, or whatever external thing you look to for your comfort. It is our unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, bestowed upon us by our Creator, and it is ours to claim through a shift in our mindset and a connection to our Spirit.

The book, Ignite ”The Plan” will go on sale that evening. Normally it will be $19.95 plus tax, but for one night only, you will be able to purchase this hard cover on Amazon.com for $19.95 PLUS get another book that night for 1/2 price, signed by the author, Susan K. Wehrley.  In addition, you will be able to sign up for BIZremedies Elite Membership, normally $125, for 1/2 price and get monthly webinars and Lunch and Learn programs to help you to continue to Ignite “The Plan!”.

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This book also offers an assessment to help you recognize the Entrepreneurial Spirit within and choose the life you want to live.

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Here’s What They Are Saying About Ignite “The Plan”:

“Wehrley teaches us that “The Plan” in life is an on-going journey both personally and professionally. Her tips throughout the book prepare us for the peaks and valley’s life presents while providing specific strategies to keep us inspired and driven to stay the course and build the life we aspire to achieve. No matter if you are a CEO or a stay-at-home parent, “The Plan” challenges us to create our desired results instead of making excuses!”
-Carla Rutley-Business Professor and Nonprofit Director

“I am beyond impressed, touched. Susan bares her soul on her entrepreneurial journey in a wonderfully instructive, proper and compelling manner. There is so much in her story that every entrepreneur can relate to and learn from!”
-Dean PotratzEntrepreneur & Angel InvestorFormer Founder and CEO of Sargent & Potratz, Marketing Firm

Ignite “The Plan” is powerful; it is life-changing. As a doctor, I can attest to the physical effects on the body due to constant stress and anxiety, the dis-ease resulting in disease. We each have a choice; we can be in charge of our emotions and reach “The American Dream”. But we cannot do it alone- the Spirit is essential. Susan K Wehrley has given us the Roadmap.”
-Linda Rufer, MD-, Pediatrician

“Susan offers 21 traits any entrepreneur should consider before launching a new business. Although they appear at the end in the form of the Appendix, they are wonderfully exemplified in her real-life story covering her heart-gripping experience with the esteemed former Entrepreneur of the Year award winner – George Dalton.”
-Tim Peterson-President & Angel Investor, Sales Automation Support, Inc.

“Filled with entrepreneurial spirit, Susan conveys in a compelling and provocative way the trials and tribulations inherent in starting your own venture. Witty, wise, and wonderfully endearing, this insightful book will resonate with you, whether you’re an experienced veteran or someone who wants to create your own enterprise. Achieve your dream by using The Plan as your roadmap to success—this book will absolutely help you get to your destination.”
-Wade Mauland, Ph.D.-Campus Executive and ProfessorOttawa University

“Susan teaches us techniques to transform our fears into vulnerable speak, tapping our intuition and creativity to find our own American Dream. She shows us through her own experience and challenges how to pause and ultimately trust The Path we are meant to live.”
-Kim Sponem-CEO & President , Summit Credit Union

“At a time in our country when God, the American Dream, and the Constitution are questioned and threatened, Susan Wehrley’s timely book reminds us that these issues are the core foundation for country and our lives”.
-Joe SweeneyBest-Selling author-”Networking is a Contact Sport” Managing Director-Corporate Financials Advisors, LLC

Ignite “The Plan” is something I grew up with thanks to the author being my mother… Letting go of my ego, desired outcome and fear has been imperative to having the confidence to go after my dreams. Staying the course, seeing the silver lining in situations and persevering are the reasons why I’m actually living my dream as a TV Host. This book teaches all of these skills so everyone can not only get in touch with their purpose in life but also have the tools to live it out.”
-Alexandra Wehrley TV Host “Oklahoma Live”

Ignite “The Plan” is an inspirational read that redefines success and how to achieve it. As a marketing leader for a Fortune 500 company, I found the concepts taught in “The Plan” to be incredibly relevant and helpful in dealing with the dynamics taking place in the corporate world. This book has the ability to positively change how business is conducted by taking the ego out of business and allowing God to be the ‘Chairman of the Board’ instead.”
-Lisa Wiltz-Schneider Electric- Marketing Manager, Projects & Services


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